Gearharts Fine Chocolates

Established in Charlottesville: 2001

Gearharts Fine Chocolates is an artisanal chocolatier, born of a globetrotting chef at a time when ingredients like cardamom, chilis and fresh herbs simply weren’t found in American chocolate. Now 15 years later, Gearharts continues to create our signature line of vibrantly flavored confections while also forging new territories along the path we helped blaze. We’re inspired by the world, and we craft our world-class chocolates in the heart of Virginia.

Vitae Spirits

Established In Charlottesville: 2015

Vitae Spirits is a family owned and run craft distillery in Charlottesville, Virginia that produces small batch spirits with a focus on quality and hands-on artisanal values. Our customer connoisseurs drive us to innovate and provide exciting new tastes as well as deliver products that we believe someday will be called classics. We focus on authenticity and transparency and welcome our customers to visit behind the scenes as frequently as possible so that they recognize their central role in our mission. At the distillery we sell bottles, tastings, cocktails, and bar supplies.