is a family owned and operated bakehouse and mercantile in Belmont. We specialize in farmhouse-style cookies, muffins, and teacakes, but also make sandwiches and salads in house as well. Our ingredients are also focused on organic, local and sustainable producers. The wholesale portion of our bakery was established in 2013 in which we were baking out of our inspected home kitchen; however, we opened our first retail location in April 2017 expanding our offerings to include handmade home goods which compliment the bakery and home kitchen aesthetics. With 2,000 s/f, we have ample seating and space for Charlottesville to gather together for work meetings, coffee dates, and skills based workshops.

Established in Charlottesville: 2013

Why did you choose to open a business in the City?

Belmont is home to so many young families, local artists, crafters, and foodies. Homes are more often than not accompanied by a garden in the backyard, and biking and walking is part of the lifestyle: all of our favorite things. Being residents of the Belmont neighborhoods ourselves, we saw a need for somewhere to gather that doesn’t involve going to the Downtown Mall. Belmont is a sub community of Charlottesville that is engaged with one another and the environment. Moving into the original Kathy’s Produce, a beloved family business in Belmont’s history, it seemed fitting to open another family run market with a modern twist.