Mudhouse Coffee

Mudhouse is a community coffee house and roaster. We serve only our locally roasted coffee and baked goods made in house. Mudhouse has the wonderful distinction of being the 2017 Roaster of the Year, an internationally recognized award for best roaster. And we're right here in town.

Established in Charlottesville: 1993

Why did you choose to open a business in the City?

We wanted to build a community space for open expression and free dialogue, a place for everyone no matter where they were in their lives. We wanted Mudhouse to be a space for meaningful conversation, a head space. And we wanted to do it all with coffee, building relationships. On the back end, we wanted to solidify relationships with farmers and producers, creating community with the other side of the chain, and then bring them together, meet in the middle. We do this by visiting the farms be they in Africa or Central America, bringing that relationship back to Charlottesville, by way of a sustainable and excellent cup of coffee. To sit in a coffeehouse and enjoy a cup of hard work and to understand what that means, this town gets it. Charlottesville, with it's intellect and quality of people, this is the best place I know. There is a harmony of it's people, all sorts of different people, from Attorneys to skate punks, Republicans and Bernie fans, The Cure and The Grateful Dead, architects and developers and the University and public servicers, all come together to make this town vibrant and beautiful and real.