NoBull Burger

Oh My Gosh Yum! LLC is home of NoBull Burgers, a line of mouth watering gourmet veggieburgers! NoBull Burgers are made from organic lentils as a base, with organic barley or organic brown rice and various roasted vegetables to make one of the best, scrumptious veggieburgers you have ever tasted! NoBull Burgers are not meant to be an imitation meat burger but a true whole food veggieburger. Today’s consumers are demanding cleaner food labels to feed themselves and their families. NoBull Burgers, gourmet veggieburgers are hand-crafted in small batches and are made with natural whole food ingredients we were created to eat. Our mission is to help humanity eat as close to the Earth as possible without compromising on taste or quality. We seek out to provide healthier, whole-food one yummy veggieburger at a time! NoBull Burger is a win-win! We provide our consumers with 100% all natural, 90% organic, real food ingredients that leave you with a quarter-pound, juicy, flavor packed, satisfying veggie-burger that will help change the way you crave a burger!

Established in Charlottesville: 2011

Why do you love doing business in Charlottesville?

Community support, collaboration and creativity! This is a city where many unique, high-quality products are created, celebrated and with the right execution plan, can thrive! So much local support and love.