Pearl Island Foods

Pearl Island Foods, LLC is a startup food production company focused on providing its customers delicious foods.

The first product we are featuring is Pearl Island Foods' Pikliz a Haitian inspired condiment. Pikliz is a traditional Haitian dish that can best be described as a spicy vinegar-based cole slaw. The product we are promoting is more of a citrus based cole slaw that brings a refreshing heat. Our goal is to bring a little bit of the Haitian culture to mainstream America's dinner table, picnic, barbecue, etc...

Pearl Island Foods' Pikliz will provide a flavor infusion to any dish from pizza to lobster. This condiment will compliment hotdogs, hamburgers, pizzas, salads, etc... Invigorate your senses with a taste of Haiti...

Our Pikliz is the first of many products we look forward to making commercially available as an American staple.

Established in Charlottesville: 2013

Why do you love doing business in Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is a foodie town that is willing to try new cuisines.