Michael Turk & Co.

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Michael Turk & Company is a designer, manufacturer, and importer of fair trade Turkish towels a.k.a. peştemals (pesh-te-mahl). Handmade in the mountainside village of Buldan, local finishing is performed in Gordonsville and Charlottesville, Virginia. We offer the finest quality bamboo and Turkish cotton-blend fibers which are naturally UV protectant, bacteria resistant, ultra absorbent, soft, lightweight, and fast drying. Our beautiful Earth-friendly peştemals are hand-loomed and made in the authentic Turkish tradition: flat-woven with a hand-tied fringe and can be used as beach towels, bath towels, scarves, decorative throws, sarongs and packable travel towels.

Established in Charlottesville: 2013

 Why do you love doing business in Charlottesville?

We love working in Charlottesville because of our local customers. It's a charming small town with a big town feel. Charlottesville is very diverse and customers are very self-informed. Our company thrives on Earth-friendly production/products and women-empowerment which Charlottesville, through our experience, definitely supports.