OESH Shoes

OESH is the word “SHOE” turned upside down and inside out which is exactly what we’ve done with women’s shoe designs. Founded by D. Casey Kerrigan, a woman-physician-scientist-engineer-mother, the designs are based on her research first at Harvard Medical School and then at the University of Virginia, where she was professor and chair of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Dr. Kerrigan got tired of publishing one landmark study after another showing that traditional footwear designs, and especially women’s footwear (even so called “healthy” footwear), abnormally increase loads on the joints where we get injured. So, in 2009 she built a factory in Charlottesville to start making shoes herself. Eight years later with thousands of OESHers (people who wear OESH) wanting more, much of our manufacturing is done overseas. But for all our local fans who have been with us every step of the way (literally), we now make the most amazing sandals all here in Charlottesville using special 3D printers we invented. Yes, invented, with the support of the National Science Foundation who loves our devotion to making shoes the right way as much as anyone who tries on a pair.

Established in Charlottesville: 2009

What makes Charlottesville unique?

A university town in one of the most beautiful settings in the country that's only 90 minutes from our Capitol.