Trouble & Trace

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Trouble & Trace LLC is a design/ build business focusing around leather products. We have a manufacturing side where we produce products designed in house and we have a custom design side where we work with clients needs. At T&T we specialize in high quality leathers with incredible craftsmanship. Examples of our products include furniture accessories (found on Etsy and locally at Pigment), knife sheaths (for Monolith Studios), belts, toy kits, office organizers, sculpture, bags, and dog products (in collaboration with another local business Dog in The Woods and found in a few local shops).

Established in Charlottesville: 2013

Why do you love doing business in Charlottesville?

I love the creative spirit here with entrepreneurs, artists, designers, crafts people, smiths and builders, who all support each other. I enjoy collaborating with these other professionals.